Listmill Team

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Brian Mancini

Brian Mancini - Founder

Brian Mancini is software engineer that has worked in the corporate world and at start-ups and for the past 9 years. Most recently, Brian was the technical lead for Armslist before leaving in 2012 to form Listmill. Brian specializes in front-end and middle-tier development and is fascinated by new technologies and code that is fast, yet simple. Brian also likes cheese.

Daniel Mross

Daniel Mross - Founder

Daniel is an ex-DBA with a penchant for bit shoveling. He has a B.S. in computer science and 12 years of experience working in enterprise IT operations. After co-founding Listmill, he returned to software development where his data jujutsu helped improve the scalability and speed of the Listmill engine. Daniel is obsessive about his interests. He also enjoys Tuvan throat singing.