What is Listmill?

Listmill is a Pittsburgh-based tech startup founded in September 2012. It is a software company that operates Listmill Cloud. Our goal is to build the best marketplace engine in the world and use it to build better online markets.

How did Listmill start?

The lessons learned while building our own classifieds sites, spawned ambitions to build markets in other areas with a strong enthusiast base. This ultimately lead to the idea of building an entire platform to support market building.

A small team was assembled, office space was leased, a few doodles were drawn on whiteboards and then we got to work making software. Within six months the initial platform was completed and the first sites were launched; Bitlist and Nerdslist.

What makes Listmill different?

The Listmill platform is powerful, efficient and fast, and with the release of Listmill Cloud, users can build their own markets with the click of a button.

Our belief is that efficient markets get eyes on desired items quickly and allow simple interaction between parties. Some of the best marketplaces in the world struggle to provide this experience. Private party listings complicate matters due to the diversity of information entering the system, and they often lack accurate product descriptions.

Many sites simply don't bother dealing with this complexity. They make you page through hundreds of listings with limited search capability. We've come up with some evolutionary ways to make complex searching a simple task and we are continually improving our software to create a better user experience.

We let users interact easily. We build our sites so that no accounts are required. There are no auction or complicated processes that must be followed. There are no fees. People find what they want and do business. Simply put, it works!